Sunday, September 2, 2012

Whole30 - Day 1

Today I started my very first Whole30. We've been primal for nearly a year, but my weight loss has stalled for months and I feel like I need to do this for myself. So, here's how the day went.

I slept in, after a long night with Butter Bean and his upset tummy. And Peanut had cheer practice at 9AM on the other side of the county.  Yay.  :p  We still had time for breakfast, though:  smoothies for the kids and eggs and broccoli scrambled in coconut oil for me. I managed one cup of coffee with coconut milk and no stevia. Not a fan. :( I already miss The Sweet Leaf.

Quick lunch when we got back from practice:  leftover Bora Bora Fireballs! I had about 6, then got set up to make homemade mayo!  Super quick and pretty yummy. :)


  • Fresh fruit with coconut milk
  • Our fresh eggs, hard-cooked and smashed, mixed with fresh mayo

We had a LATE dinner. I made nachos for everybody else and held out some plain cooked hamburger for me. I added it to a bowl with a chopped avocado and some salsa.  Yummmmmy!

So, I did good the first day. Not great. I didn't have NEAR enough vegetables, for one thing. But there were a lot of challenges that I handled well and I'm pretty happy about that.

  • I started my period today. No explanation needed. 
  • Hubby and kids went for a frozen yogurt treat.  I love that stuff. 
  • A friend gave me 3 bowls of cheese, freshly-made by her from milk from her goats. I fricking love cheese. I didn't think about eating any, but really? REALLY?

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