Saturday, August 27, 2011

Another week gone ...

Big news around here is that Pumpkin's first "week" (2 days, actually) of school went wonderfully!

I took off work a few hours early yesterday and finally got the weeding and planting finished in the 2 herb/kitchen garden beds. Then last night, I ground half-a-hopper full of wheat into flour. This morning I hurt from my neck down to my knees. :P

Today we tackle Peanut & Pumpkin's room. A very generous co-worker is giving us a set of bunkbeds, complete with mattresses. The fit in that tiny room will be tight, but I'm determined to make it work as it will save us hundreds and hundreds of dollars. I had hoped to paint the room before we got the beds, but we can do that later. I'm so ready to get those girls in some real beds already!

Hubby and the girls got all the books, toys and trash up this morning, and he and I wrangled the old futon into the back of his truck. It is headed to the dump this afternoon.

OK, so much to do, gotta get off the dang computer!

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