Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Little Update

So, I last wrote a post back on February 1st.  I'd been working out with our new trainers (and good friends) for a couple of weeks and was so very excited!  It's now mid-April, and we're still with them and still loving it so much!  I'm making gains in strength and definitely seeing muscle definition I never had before.  I'm losing pounds and inches and improving my health.

I bought a pair of pants in mid-January:  size 24W.  My tops and dresses were usually 22W.  That's a 3X.

I tried on dresses yesterday, for fun and because my husband and I will be celebrating our 10-year anniversary next month and I'd love to have a pretty new frock to wear.  ;)  I started with size 20W.  Too big.  Size 18W.  Too big.  Size 16W...we have a winner!  I'm wearing size 18W jeans right now, and my new workout shorts are XL.

I've dropped THREE FREAKING SIZES in 3 months.  That's just unfathomable, especially since the weight loss doesn't seem to match up to that.  I've lost 20 lbs. in those same 3 months, which should equate to the loss of one size, not 3.  Hellllooooo, muscles!  Goodbye, fat!

Life is very, very good.

I decided to hold of on buying a new dress.  I don't need it until the 2nd weekend in May.  Who knows what changes will be wrought in another whole month?!  I'm hoping--HOPING--to be all the way out of fluffy-girl sizes by then and into the realm of regular sizes.  I haven't seen those since elementary school.