Monday, March 24, 2014

Assumptions's been a while.  :)  I had an awful lot going on personally and professionally in November.  And December.  And January.  And February.  It's taken me a while to get my bearings, but I'm getting there.  My husband and I have yet to migrate to our future internet home (  Soon, we hope!  But I wanted to make a quick post about an assumption I made.

I blog alot about food.  :)  It's a big deal in our lives, and up until, oh, September of last year I prepared homemade meals for our family 95% of the time--breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Then soccer season hit.  Then before I knew it it was Thanksgiving.  Then I was training to be on my company's industrial fire brigade.  Then it was Yuletide.  Then I was training to be a medical first responder, whilst taking on a weekly teaching assignment at the local high school.  Then I was training to join our confined space rescue team.  Somehow over the last few months, fast food started making occasional appearances at dinner.  Protein bars (and not the "good" kind) for breakfast.  And my kids started eating school lunch every. single. day.

They seemed really excited at first.  Pizza Day!  Chicken Nuggets!  Hooray!!  I never noticed that they stopped being excited about it and if I had, I'd have assumed it was because that became the new normal.  They never complained about it and they never asked for home lunch.  Ever.  The tiny part of me that wasn't completely worn out from work was sad about it but the rest of me was grateful that it was one less thing to manage.



We had Bora Bora Fireballs for dinner last night.  BBFB's are in my family's top 3 favorite meals. They are amazing and rarely make it to leftover status.  However, I got smart last night and made a double batch.  :D

This morning, we were doing our usual morning rush and I was trying to get breakfast sorted out.  I'm not even sure how the subject came up, but Fiona looked at me strangely and said, "You said we could bring home lunch today..."  I don't remember that, but I responded, "Do you WANT to take a home lunch?"  The resounding answer was "YES!!"  That sparked conversation with Heidi, about how much she loves her Planetbox, and how when she brings her lunch everybody talks about how good it looks and how much they want hers instead of theirs.  They MISSED bringing their lunch to school.  They were only getting school lunches because they thought that's what I wanted them to do.  Who knew.  *headdesk*  So, shame on me for making big ol' assumptions about what my kids think or want, instead of ASKING them.

I hope they enjoy their BBFB's today.  I'm going to.