Friday, September 28, 2012

Whole30 - Day 27

Thursday, September 27th

Today is my birthday, nah nah nah nah nah ....  Yeah, that doesn't translate well, does it?  LOL  I am 42 today and feel better than I did 10 years ago.  Life is beautiful.  I have a loving family, my health is improving day-by-day, and I can't wait to see what the next year has in store for us.

7:10AM:  (fasting) 106
7:30am:  (breakfast) shredded spinach, scrambled eggs and guacamole, small cup of coffee
9:30AM:  102
11:30AM:  (lunch) pulled pork, homemade cole slaw
1:30PM:  93
4:00PM:  (snacks) pistachios, coconut flakes
8:30PM:  (dinner) taco salad:  seasoned meat, spinach, salsa, guacamole
10:30PM:  Yeah ... I fell asleep within 5 minutes of sitting down, so I never saw 10:30PM and have no idea what my bG was.  :p

As I committed to my Wellness Coach, I walked today.  I actually walked a heck of a lot more than I committed!  I walked the perimeter of the plant (1.1 miles) with a co-worker just before lunch.  Then after lunch I walked down another plant with a different co-worker!  We must have walked for nearly an hour.  NOTE TO SELF:  Get some better safety shoes!  'Cause those walkdowns are going to be happening much more frequently, and my feet were f'ing killing me within 10 minutes.

Have I mentioned lately that I love Whole30?  I've been talking it up to my coworkers and anybody who will listen.  The lady who keeps my kids went grain-free this week!!!  A HUGE deal and I love her even more for it.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Whole30 - Day 26

Wednesday, September 26th

The girls both had games last night, thankfully at the same place.  I left the house at 5:05PM with Pumpkin and Butter Bean in tow.  Hubby showed up with Peanut at about 6:30PM.  He took Pumpkin home after her game, at about 7:30PM, and I got home with Peanut and Butter Bean at 8:40PM.  The kids didn't get to bed until 9PM and I didn't have it in me to get them up at 5AM today.  I let them sleep in a little and took them to school before my off-site meeting.

I'm so grateful that there's no practices or games today!

5:10AM:  93
5:30AM:  (breakfast)  omelet made with 3 small eggs, homemade pork sausage browned with onions and garlic, about 2-3 T. of butternut squash, and about 1 cup shredded spinach
7:15AM:  114
11:45AM:  (lunch) leftover butternut squash lasagna
1:45PM:  135
7:30PM:  (dinner) pulled pork, roasted butternut squash, mixed greens sauteed with bacon and onions, cole slaw
9:33PM:  95

Snacked today on pistachios (surprise!  not) and coconut flakes.  Oh, and there were fresh strawberries at my morning meeting.  I had a lot of those.  Maybe 10?  Probably accounts for at least a portion of the high lunch postprandial.

I had my first coaching session today as a part of a company-sponsored 6-month Healthy Weight Coaching Program.  It went pretty well.  I committed to walk at least 3 days per week, 20 minutes per day.  My plan is to either do yoga or lift weights the other 2 weekdays.  My next session is in 3 weeks.

I'm a little frustrated that my weight loss has stopped again.  I have 4 more days on my Whole30.  I'd like to be able to say I lost 15 pounds on it; I have 2 to go.  Unfortunately, I'm in the last week before I start my cycle, which usually means a 5-pound weight gain.  So, I might have to make this a Whole 35.  ;)

Whole30 - Day 25

Tuesday, September 25th

I think I may have figured out why my fasting numbers haven't completely fallen back to normal.  I've been told over and over again (ESPECIALLY while I was pregnant with Butter Bean) to make SURE I had a bedtime snack.  It was drilled into my head.  But I go to bed so late and get up so freaking early that if I eat a snack before bed I don't think there's enough time to get a true fasting reading.  Last night we finished dinner at 7:30PM and I went to bed, sans snack, at 11PM.  My bG at 9:30PM was 122.  Up at 4:45AM and my bG was 87!!!  I'm hoping that that little discovery holds true for more than one day.  We'll see.  :)

So here's today's stuff:

4:45AM:  (fasting) - 87
7:30AM:  (breakfast) - shredded spinach, 3 fried eggs, guacamole, small cup of coffee with a cinnamon stick
9:30AM:  87
12:00PM:  (lunch)  turkey burgers, salad and homemade ranch dressing
2:00PM:  91
5:00PM:  (dinner)  Butternut Squash Lasagna  This stuff is AMAZING.  So much so that a more-than-double batch lasted for exactly one dinner with leftovers for lunch for me and hubby.  The girls will eat it; they don't love it yet.  But I will continue to make it until they do because dayum it is good.  NOTE:  I couldn't find store-bought pizza sauce sans sugar, so I made my own Paleo Pizza Sauce with these changes:  I doubled the recipe, used onion powder instead of dried minced onion, and added enough water so that the doubled batch equaled 1 quart.  The original recipe is VERY thick; I wanted it much thinner, and I needed a LOT.
7:00PM:  forgot to test ... 2 back-to-back games!
8:45PM:  105

I've been snacking throughout the day on in-the-shell pistachios -- too much of them.  :(

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Whole30 - Day 24

Monday, September 24th

I missed a few days of blogging. :/ Oh, well, I'll catch you up! Turns out I wasn't over the cold; it hung on for over a week, and guess what?! ANY kind of illness can jack up your blood sugar. Didn't know that. So all my pretty fasting 80's and 90's jumped up to 130's again. So depressing, when my diet has been stellar. I HATE DIABETES. And the numbers didn't go all the way back down once I was over the cold.

Oh well.  I'll keep looking for things to tweak.  I still hope to be able to get off the damn Met by the end of the year.  We'll see!
4:25AM:  (fasting) - 113
6:30AM:  (car snack ... shhhh) pistashios in-the-shell
8:30AM:  (breakfast) chopped spinach, fried eggs, guacamole, small cup of coffee w/ cinnamon stick
10:30AM:  104
1:30PM:  (lunch) turkey burgers (2) on a salad of romaine, shredded carrots and cherry tomatoes with homemade ranch
3:30PM:  107
4:30PM:  (snack) pistachios in-the-shell
7:30PM:  (dinner) small serving of chili, green salad with homemade ranch
9:30PM:  122

The girls both have games tomorrow, so I spent a few minutes this weekend figuring out meals.  Hubby cooked dinner tonight and I spent the hours after dinner on clean-up and meal prep for tomorrow:  Butternut Squash Lasagna!!  Time consuming, but ohhhh so delicious!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Whole30 - Day 12

Wednesday, September 12th

I think I've seen the worst of the cold, and it wasn't that bad!  Woohoo!  It was a spectacularly beautiful day today ... that perfect late-summer sunshine with a breeze and brilliant blue sky, when it's not cool, but you can almost smell autumn coming.  I love fall so much.  As soon as the light and shadows start to change, around the first week of August, it's like I can already feel it in my blood.  This time of year always brings back memories of time spent in the Catskills with my friend, C., driving through the mountains with Type O Negative or Concrete Blonde or Ministry blasting and the leaves blowing across the road as we smoked and soaked it all in.  Whew.  Back to reality!

The girls both get their uniforms today and the game madness starts Saturday:  it's been years since I've been to a football game at all, let alone 4 in one day.  Well, technically I'll only be at 2 of them; hubby or SOMEBODY (pleasedon'thavetoworkpleasedon'thavetoworkpleasedon'thavetowork) will be at the other 2 with the other daughter.  The next 6 weeks are just flat-out insanity.  It's going to require several steps up in Sunday food prep, but I'm committed.  I may NEED to be committed when it's over.  LOL

4:40AM:  fasting - 118
7:20AM:  Breakfast - eggs, 1/2 cup coffee
9:20AM:  102
12:00PM:  Lunch - BAS with lettuce, tomato, broccoli, pickles, onions, and turkey burger dressed with mustard and h/m mayo
2:00PM:  83
4:00PM:  Afternoon snack - 1/2 cup coffee, coconut flakes
8:00PM:  Dinner - steak, sweet potato, slaw
10:00PM:  110


I went for a walk today after lunch with 2 co-workers!  I haven't done that in months and months.  It felt really good, and I have a walking date for tomorrow too.

I ate entirely too much sweet potato at dinner, and not enough protein at breakfast and lunch.  I'm also missing my greens at breakfast, so I'll bring some spinach to work tomorrow.

bG just seemed to be running slightly higher today; I'm going to go back and review all my meals for the last week or so and see what I need to tweak.  Even though they weren't AS low as they have been, they're still a VAST improvement.  My a1c from the end of August was 7.1, which roughly equates to an average bG of 157.  Per my handy little meter, my average over the last 7 days is 104, which converts to an a1c of 5.2.  That's normal, folks.  As in, NORMAL normal.  And that is why I'm doing this.  :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Whole30 - Day 11

Tuesday, September 11

I hab a code.  :(  Or something.  I wish it were allergies, but I'm pretty sure I caught it from my darling husband.  Oh well ... it's not as bad as the stomach virus we all had, so I'll not complain.  Too much.

Today I saw the functional medicine doctor for my follow-up to review blood work.  No surprises there.  The only things out of lab range were my A1C, fasting bG and vitamin D3 levels.

My A1C was terrible:  7.1!  It hasn't been that bad since I was diagnosed.  I did quit taking my meds over the summer to see if I could manage things with just diet -- and I did, for a while.  Then there was a birthday that just wrecked me for a week (and it wasn't even MINE!).  I knew it would be bad, and it was.  My fasting was pretty horrible too:  145.  I discussed with the doctor what I was doing to correct the situation and she seemed supportive, although she did say she was going to recommend the hcg diet?  Hgc?  Some thing where you take some kind of drops, I guess?  I'll stick to what's working for me now, thanks.  Did I mention I've lost about 14 lb. in the last 2 weeks?  :)

Even though nothing else was technically out of range, there were things that were juuuust on the edge of normal:  testosterone, DHEA, cortisol.  She recommended a boatload of supplements; I'm kind of on the fence about some of them.  The DHEA, specifically, says that it is NOT recommended for diabetics.  This shit was expensive, and I opened it BEFORE I saw that.  Kinda pissed about that, but I'm not taking it until I talk to her again.

OK, enough about that.

Kid stuff!  I got Peanut's schedule and holy shite.  I have no idea how we're going to pull off getting both girls to their games while still holding down full-time jobs, making sure they get to school and actually complete their work, all while still getting at least some sleep.  It is ridiculous and I have no idea how other parents pull this crap off.


4:40AM:  89
7:35AM:  Breakfast - homemade sausage patties, fried eggs, strawberries, black coffee
9:35AM:  69
10:00AM:  Morning snack - fried eggs
12:20PM:  Lunch - salad with steamed broccoli, tomatoes, pickles, onions, baked chicken, mustard and homemade mayo
2:20PM:  98
8:00PM:  Dinner - spaghetti squash with meat sauce, kale sauteed with baon
10:00PM:  96
                 Bedtime snack (I wasn't hungry, but had to eat something to get my meds down) - 1 large strawberry

Life in general may be out of control, but I am kicking some ass with the Whole30.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Whole30 - Day 10

Monday, September 10th

This was my first Whole30 day where I had a business meeting, away from my regular job site, that included food.  I killed it.  :D

4:50AM:  84
5:15AM:  Breakfast - homemade pork sausage patties, eggs
7:15AM:  101
                 Morning snacks - strawberries, watermelon, coconut, coffee
11:30AM:  Lunch - leftover pot roast, eggplant & bok choy
 1:30PM:  I'm so awesome, I forgot to test after lunch again.  :/
                 Afternoon snacks - coconut, shredded beef
8:15PM:  Dinner - turkey burger with lettuce, tomato, onion, guacamole and mayo
10:20PM:  117

The hits just keep on coming.  I fully expected both girls to balk at the turkey burgers, but they both ate some.  I think after nearly a year of paleo-talk around the house and myself and hubby eating that way, and a good couple of months of refusing to make non-paleo/primal alternatives for them, it's finally sinking in that, yes .... "THIS" is what's for dinner.

Whole30 - Day 9

Sunday, September 9th

I love Whole30.  I love Whole30.  I LOVE WHOLE30!!!  I feel amazing.  I think because I was already low-carb I've jumped right past the carb flu thing and straight into clean-eating heaven.

After reviewing my last week of posts, I'm going to just QUIT SAYING we had another busy day.  All our freaking days are busy.  The redundancy is boring even me.  LOL  Anyway, today was shopping day.  Football season starts on the 15th and the girls still need shoes for their cheer uniforms .... so, off to the dreaded mall.  Dear gods and ancestors how I loath the mall.  It took 5 stores to find shoes that were all white, that fit, and that were comfortable (and were less than $40 a pair ... EEK!!).  We did it, though, and hubby entertained the kids in the van whilst I did a quick grocery run.  Then, home to make dinner and limited weekly food prep.

7:20AM:  (fasting) 136
8:15AM:  Breakfast - eggs with greens, avocado, tomatoes; hot tea
10:12AM:  99
12:00PM:  Lunch - I can't remember what I ate!  LOL I know there was butternut squash.  And some kind of protein.  :/
2:00PM:  I also forgot to test, since we were at the mall.  :P
8:00PM:  Dinner - baked chicken, eggplant, zoodles (I just love that!) and zucchini, carrots and whatever leftover veggies were in the fridge
10:00PM:  93

We had yet another paleo breakthrough with Peanut.  I gave her, as usual, a very small (miniscule, even) portion of the baked chicken.  Every. Single. Time. we've done this before, she's cried, gagged, whined and generally been kind of an ass about it.  She'll eat her own weight in chicken nuggets, but don't give her regular old chicken.  This time, she ate it with NO prompting.  And wait for it ..... she asked for more.  THREE MORE SLICES.  She ASKED for 3 slices of chicken breast.  Folks, you have no freaking idea what a big deal this was.  Yay!!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Whole30 - Day 8

Saturday, September 8th

Nobody had practice today, and hubby's overtime got canceled, but Pumpkin signed up for a cheer clinic today so no sleeping in.  :(  Oh well, she had fun and the girls spent the afternoon practicing cheers.  Fun for a while, but I eventually sent them outside.  In the rain.  I'm a terrible mom.  LOL

Pumpkin told me on the way home that the coaches said that her mom packed a healthy lunch.  I love our PlanetBoxes.  :)  And I love that SHE picked out everything that went into it:  salami, "circle cheese", cherry tomatoes, green beans, a clementine and some grapes ... and a few dark chocolate chips as a treat.  Of course, they gave all the participants a bag of candy to take home.  Sigh.

7:00AM:  (fasting) 105
7:30AM:  Breakfast - soooo good!  I shredded some raw spinach in a bowl, added 2 over-easy eggs (cooked in coconut oil) and topped them with avocado, chilies and tomatoes; coffee with coconut milk
9:30AM:  91
12:00PM:  sliced baked chicken dipped in homemade mayo, banana
2:00PM:  110
                Afternoon snacks - coconut flakes, banana
7:45PM:  Dinner - bora bora fireballs, sauteed bok choy, steamed carrots, turnip greens
9:45PM:  92

I know I'm not supposed to weigh on the Whole30, but I haven't been able to kick the habit.  And holy monkeys...I'm down about 10 lbs. in as many days.  And I feel freaking FANTASTIC.  I should have done this a year ago, when I first heard about it.  I can't believe I was so afraid to do it!  Not the example I want to set for our kids:  "it's too haaaarrd ... waaaahh"

Whole30 - Day 7

Friday, September 7

One week down, 3 to go!!  Yay me!!!

Peanut had a break today, but Pumpkin had practice.  The whole family went this time, since the ball field where she practiced has a nice playground too.  I am truly terrified now that we received her practice and game schedule.  It's a little intimidating.  Oh well, we'll make it happen, I guess.

4:55AM:  (fasting) 134
7:45AM:  Breakfast - eggs, coffee with coconut milk
9:53AM:  82
10:00AM:  snack - blueberries with coconut milk
11:45AM:  Lunch - chicken salad (diced baked chicken, diced egg, mustard & homemade mayo), turnip greens
1:50PM:  92
2:00PM:  snack - pistachios
4:00PM:  snack - coconut milk
8:00PM: Dinner - salad with iceberg lettuce, shredded beef, diced avocado & tomatoes, salsa and homemade mayo
10:00PM:  120

Yummy food.  Fasting bG back up, but post-prandials looking good.  I still want my stevia tea and coffee properly lightened and sweetened, but I'm getting some breathing room with the cravings.

Side note update:  Butter Bean's rash on his face is clearing up nicely.  I'm conflicted about this discovery.  I LOVE buying our milk locally, and the girls are still fine with it, but it does upset me a little that it doesn't look like BB will be able to enjoy it anymore.  On the other hand ... almond milk is one hell of a lot cheaper than raw milk.  LOL

Friday, September 7, 2012

Whole30 - Day 6

Thursday, September 6

Bleh.  I intentionally skipped my meds last night, but forgot to take the morning dose.  My fasting number went back up to 132 but my post-prandial numbers were MUCH better today:  all below 120, but nothing under 70 either, which is my general fall-out-threshold.

It was another busy day; both girls had cheer practice, at the same time, on opposite ends of the county.  Hubby took Peanut and I took Pumpkin and Butter Bean.  I thought this was the first practice Pumpkin's team had actually had (I thought they'd all been canceled due to weather), but I was wrong; we missed one last week.  :(  I HATE missing things that we committed to do, and it especially galls me that I didn't even know we were missing it.  Oh, well.  She had a great time, did her best, and informed me later that she LOVES being a cheerleader.  LOL

For my own tracking purposes, I'm going to start including my bG #'s along with my meals:

4:30AM:  132
7:30AM:  Breakfast - eggs and coffee with coconut milk (are you surprised!?  LOL)
9:30AM:  109
12:20PM:  Lunch - leftover baked chicken, fauxtatoes and turnip greens
2:20PM:  113
4:00PM:  Snack - blueberries & coconut milk, pistachios
8:00PM:  Dinner - crockpot roast beef, fauxtatoes, sweet potato, turnip greens
10:00PM:  115

While my food choices are Whole30-compliant, I definitely need to incorporate more vegetables and less fruit and sweet potatoes.  I feel great, though, and while I still miss sweet tea, I'm pretty sure my days of drinking a pot of coffee a day, loaded with stevia and half-and-half, are over.  I'm liking having my food diary and bG numbers together like this.  I can tell you, a month ago eating a sweet potato at dinner (covered in butter) would have had my bG at least 50 points higher.  For years I've refused to believe that dairy could be affecting my bG that much; after all, I was using the lowest-carb stuff available:  butter, cream, half-and-half, cheese.  But it's becoming very obvious to me that my body's response to dairy is way out of proportion to the actual amount of sugar that is in the particular food.  I know that ghee is Whole30-approved, but I'm going to wait to try using it until I'm done, just to see what happens.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Whole30 - Day 5

Wednesday, September 5th

Well that was an interesting day.  I mentioned yesterday that I'd restarted my diabetes meds last week because 80/20 paleo wasn't keeping my bG (blood glucose) where it needed to be.  Ha.  Haha!  My numbers since Monday had been quite low, but today was NOT cool.  My 2-hour post-prandial reading was 58.  I took the reading in my office, and tried to walk to the breakroom where my food was.  About half-way down the hall (maybe 15' from my office) I started fading out and the plant manager caught me before I hit the floor.  He helped me get to the breakroom, where I ate a huge slice of watermelon and felt better in a couple of minutes.  An hour later, my reading was 84.  I ate some more watermelon and my lunch.  That 2-hour pp was 112 -- so, better.  Two hours later it was back down to 82, so I had another fruit snack.  I eventually made it home without actually falling out, so that was good.  Here's a quick rundown of the food:

Breakfast - a bowl of scrambled eggs at work, plus 2 small cups of coffee with coconut milk

Lunch - leftover baked chicken with veggies (I forgot the mayo, dammit)

Dinner - porkchops fried in coconut oil, microwaved sweet potato, Whole30-approved fauxtatoes (not my primally-delicious version with cream cheese and butter)

Snacks - blueberries with coconut milk, LOTS of watermelon, hard-cooked eggs

This afternoon was SO much better than yesterday's.  Hubby was feeling a little better and put away the clean dishes from last night and washed up the remaining dirty ones.  He'd also done all the chicken chores and, while I whipped up dinner, he counseled Peanut on how to make friends, fed the pets, and held an impromptu session of Heathen School on the stair landing.  I absolutely love listening to my husband tell stories to our kids.  We are very lucky to have him (and I'm glad he's feeling a little better xoxoxo).

I had a small convert-the-kids-to-paleo success last night, too.  Peanut, our resident carb addict, has been an especially hard sell.  She hates trying new things, only likes meat if it's ground, and a lot of nights would rather just not eat than eat the crap I serve.  It's been frustrating.  Well, last night, as usual, the girls asked what was for dinner.  "Porkchops, mashed potatoes (Peanut likes 'em, Pumpkin doesn't), sweet potatoes (Pumpkin likes 'em, Peanut sometimes does), fauxtatoes (Pumpkin likes 'em, Peanut doesn't), green beans, turnip greens."

Pumpkin:  I don't like porkchops.
Me:  You say that every single time I make them, yet you eat a whole one every time.
Pumpkin:   Oh.  Yeah.
Peanut:  You're gonna make me eat porkchops, aren't you?
Me:  You have to eat a little bit.  I'm not gonna make you eat a whole one.

So imagine my surprise when Peanut not only eats the very small portion I gave her, but ASKS FOR MORE.  In total, she probably ate an ounce.  Not much at all, but a VAST improvement over even a month ago.  She would throw a fit over a piece the size of a pinky-nail, and I'm not exaggerating one bit.

So, dinner done, no tears from ANYBODY, and another successful Whole30 day in the can.  Sweet!

Given the day I had bG-wise, I elected to skip my evening dose of meds.  My 2-hour pp was 107.  I was a little worried that it might crash overnight (even though I've NEVER, EVER had that happen), so I had a bedtime snack of blueberries & coconut milk.  Mmmm, I love the Whole30!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Whole30 - Day 4

I've got to plan better, that's for sure.  Hubby went straight from the stomach bug last Friday/Saturday to a cold/flu thing Sunday-now, so I've been handling stuff on my own as best as I can.  I don't know how people raise kids without a 2nd adult to help with stuff; that shit is HARD.

So, the day started, as usual, at 4:30AM.  Got hubby's lunch packed and him off to work, then smoothies for the girls and all 3 kids plus myself dressed, ready and out the door by 6AM.  I set out a 5 lb. bag of frozen chicken breasts to thaw.

Breakfast for me was eggs at work, plus coffee with coconut milk.

Lunch was leftover lasagna, and my snack was defrosted blueberries with coconut milk.  Holy CRAP that's good stuff!  I need to bring a bag of frozen berries for the work freezer, plus a few cans of coconut milk to stash in my office.

Peanut had cheer practice this afternoon (40 minute drive from the house).  So, after a stop for meds for hubby I got home at 4:40PM or so.  It started to rain, again.  I got the chicken breasts seasoned and in the oven, the dogs let out, and did the chicken chores.  Left to pick up the kids a few minutes after 5PM.

We came home, the girls changed clothes and we grabbed snacks, and were back out the door by 5:20PM.  It was still raining, so the whole time I'm checking my phone for the "practice is canceled" text that never came.

We got to the park right at 6PM and I spent the next hour chasing Butter Bean, who seems to only want to play with broken glass (WHY is there broken glass all over the place at a kid's ballpark?), trash from fast food leftovers, and ant hills.  It started raining again just in time for us to go home.  Pumpkin was quite put out with me for not stopping for fast food.  I kind of wish I had.  :/

We got home at 7:40PM and I spent the next 20 minutes getting everybody something to eat, reviewing homework, feeling like crap and having a mommy meltdown, complete with tears.  Awesome.  Thank the GODS that hubby was well enough to manage The Feeding and Care of Butter Bean because I was in no condition, let me tell ya.

It was 8:45PM before the kids were all bathed, read-to and in bed.  Their normal bedtime is between 7:30-8PM.  Fast food isn't looking so bad.  :(

I got dinner at 9PM:  baked chicken with microwaved frozen veggies (and a little homemade mayo because the chicken was DRY).

There was a funny quote from the Whole9 Blog post "You Know You're Doing the Whole30 When...":

"…they ran the dishwasher three times on Sunday and still washed several mountains of pots and pans."

This is me, except our dishwasher is broken.  So those 3 loads are handwashed, PLUS the mountains of pots and pans.  I finished washing dishes at 10PM.  Actually, I didn't finish - there were still things left.  That's when I threw in the towel for the night.

This day was a Whole30 success, but a wife & mommy fail.  Everybody got to bed way too late and I was WAY too stressed.  I have GOT to figure out better snacks and quick meals, both Whole30 and regular paleo.

Some side notes:

I had to go back on my bG meds last week because my 80/20 paleo diet wasn't doing the job.  Three days in on the Whole30 and I may need to cut back the dosage because my bG numbers have been low.  Like, LOW.  Actually my fasting # is finally normal (90) but my post-prandial numbers have been in the 70's and 80's.  I've really had to stay on top of things and I'm eating more fruit as snacks than I normally would just to keep from falling out.  The only real change I've made has been eliminating dairy and stevia.  I would never have guessed that those things would make such a huge difference in my bG control.

WTF is up with the GAS?!  I'm not eating any new foods at all, just eliminating stuff, but starting Day 3 I have developed some funky flatulence.  Not cool, people.  Not cool.

About a month ago, Butter Bean developed a rash on his face.  It started just around his mouth and we thought it was either related to teething (he got 8 teeth in about 10 days) or his pacifier (which he is NEVER without).  Now, though, it's spreading all over his face and I'm thinking it might be a food thing.  He's been a paleo baby, but I've gotten lax lately and have been giving him gluten-free crackers on occasion.  Effective today I'm basically putting him on the Whole30 with me to see if it clears up.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Whole30 - Day 3

Another busy busy day!  I finished canning peanuts and never actually got around to canning up the last 10 lbs. of potatoes.  It's insanely difficult to do serious work in the kitchen whilst dodging a toddler.  I finally put him in my carrier on my back just so I could get the dishes washed.  He nearly went to sleep ... a first!  Probably all the bouncing, swaying and dancing around I was doing to keep him entertained.

Quick rundown of the Whole30 food today:

Breakfast - eggs scrambled with onions and spinach.  I can't remember if I used lard or coconut oil.  :/  It was yummy, though!  I had a small cup of black coffee.  I brew mine with a little cinnamon in the grounds and it is quite nice.  Hmm.  I didn't expect to enjoy black coffee so quickly.

Lunch - tuna salad with a hard-cooked egg (the last one, yay!), chopped dill pickles and onions and a dollop of homemade mayo

Dinner - Butternut Squash Lasagna.  I brooked no nonsense from the littles over dinner tonight.  The girls whined and complained, but in the end they both ate a good portion and LIKED it.  Butter Bean ate a man-sized portion.  That kid can EAT when he wants to.  I have a great picture of him enjoying his lasagna.  Wish I could figure out how the heck to post it here.  :(

Snacks - blueberries and more blueberries, plus coconut butter

I'm still desperately craving my stevia-sweetened iced tea.  I'm pretty surprised at how badly I want it; I didn't have this much trouble quitting my Diet Coke habit.  Other than that, I'm doing well.  My appetite is still low, which I'm okay with, and my energy is up.  I'm not craving any off-limits foods in my waking hours, but I did have a scandalous dream about cheesecake and coffee with half-and-half.  I actually woke up guilty, until I realized I didn't actually eat that stuff.  The mind is a funny thing, isn't it?

Monday, September 3, 2012

Whole30 - Day 2

Day 2 went well, I suppose. I drank a small cup of black coffee to ward off a caffeine headache. I can foresee myself completely weaned off caffeine by the end of my 30 days.  Breakfast was eggs and veggies. I have a huge pack of bacon in the fridge, but bought it without thinking:  it has sugar and nitrates, so no-go.  I basically had no appetite all day and ate eggs for every meal. I was busy canning all day and had a stash of hard-cooked eggs that needed to be used up. I ate some fruits and veggies, and a few spoons of coconut butter (homemade! Super easy!) too.

I was so busy canning I forgot to make dinner. I had leftovers and hubby got pizza for everybody else. It smelled fantastic, but I stayed strong. LOL

Yesterday I told hubby that the one part of the Whole30 I wouldn't be able to stick to was not weighing myself every day. That's just a part of my morning routine I wasn't willing to give up.  Well, this morning broke me of that; I gained a pound and it really ticked me off. So, no more weighing until I'm done.

Another busy day ahead...will do my Whole30 recap either tonight or in the morning.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Whole30 - Day 1

Today I started my very first Whole30. We've been primal for nearly a year, but my weight loss has stalled for months and I feel like I need to do this for myself. So, here's how the day went.

I slept in, after a long night with Butter Bean and his upset tummy. And Peanut had cheer practice at 9AM on the other side of the county.  Yay.  :p  We still had time for breakfast, though:  smoothies for the kids and eggs and broccoli scrambled in coconut oil for me. I managed one cup of coffee with coconut milk and no stevia. Not a fan. :( I already miss The Sweet Leaf.

Quick lunch when we got back from practice:  leftover Bora Bora Fireballs! I had about 6, then got set up to make homemade mayo!  Super quick and pretty yummy. :)


  • Fresh fruit with coconut milk
  • Our fresh eggs, hard-cooked and smashed, mixed with fresh mayo

We had a LATE dinner. I made nachos for everybody else and held out some plain cooked hamburger for me. I added it to a bowl with a chopped avocado and some salsa.  Yummmmmy!

So, I did good the first day. Not great. I didn't have NEAR enough vegetables, for one thing. But there were a lot of challenges that I handled well and I'm pretty happy about that.