Friday, September 7, 2012

Whole30 - Day 6

Thursday, September 6

Bleh.  I intentionally skipped my meds last night, but forgot to take the morning dose.  My fasting number went back up to 132 but my post-prandial numbers were MUCH better today:  all below 120, but nothing under 70 either, which is my general fall-out-threshold.

It was another busy day; both girls had cheer practice, at the same time, on opposite ends of the county.  Hubby took Peanut and I took Pumpkin and Butter Bean.  I thought this was the first practice Pumpkin's team had actually had (I thought they'd all been canceled due to weather), but I was wrong; we missed one last week.  :(  I HATE missing things that we committed to do, and it especially galls me that I didn't even know we were missing it.  Oh, well.  She had a great time, did her best, and informed me later that she LOVES being a cheerleader.  LOL

For my own tracking purposes, I'm going to start including my bG #'s along with my meals:

4:30AM:  132
7:30AM:  Breakfast - eggs and coffee with coconut milk (are you surprised!?  LOL)
9:30AM:  109
12:20PM:  Lunch - leftover baked chicken, fauxtatoes and turnip greens
2:20PM:  113
4:00PM:  Snack - blueberries & coconut milk, pistachios
8:00PM:  Dinner - crockpot roast beef, fauxtatoes, sweet potato, turnip greens
10:00PM:  115

While my food choices are Whole30-compliant, I definitely need to incorporate more vegetables and less fruit and sweet potatoes.  I feel great, though, and while I still miss sweet tea, I'm pretty sure my days of drinking a pot of coffee a day, loaded with stevia and half-and-half, are over.  I'm liking having my food diary and bG numbers together like this.  I can tell you, a month ago eating a sweet potato at dinner (covered in butter) would have had my bG at least 50 points higher.  For years I've refused to believe that dairy could be affecting my bG that much; after all, I was using the lowest-carb stuff available:  butter, cream, half-and-half, cheese.  But it's becoming very obvious to me that my body's response to dairy is way out of proportion to the actual amount of sugar that is in the particular food.  I know that ghee is Whole30-approved, but I'm going to wait to try using it until I'm done, just to see what happens.

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