Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Whole30 - Day 9

Sunday, September 9th

I love Whole30.  I love Whole30.  I LOVE WHOLE30!!!  I feel amazing.  I think because I was already low-carb I've jumped right past the carb flu thing and straight into clean-eating heaven.

After reviewing my last week of posts, I'm going to just QUIT SAYING we had another busy day.  All our freaking days are busy.  The redundancy is boring even me.  LOL  Anyway, today was shopping day.  Football season starts on the 15th and the girls still need shoes for their cheer uniforms .... so, off to the dreaded mall.  Dear gods and ancestors how I loath the mall.  It took 5 stores to find shoes that were all white, that fit, and that were comfortable (and were less than $40 a pair ... EEK!!).  We did it, though, and hubby entertained the kids in the van whilst I did a quick grocery run.  Then, home to make dinner and limited weekly food prep.

7:20AM:  (fasting) 136
8:15AM:  Breakfast - eggs with greens, avocado, tomatoes; hot tea
10:12AM:  99
12:00PM:  Lunch - I can't remember what I ate!  LOL I know there was butternut squash.  And some kind of protein.  :/
2:00PM:  I also forgot to test, since we were at the mall.  :P
8:00PM:  Dinner - baked chicken, eggplant, zoodles (I just love that!) and zucchini, carrots and whatever leftover veggies were in the fridge
10:00PM:  93

We had yet another paleo breakthrough with Peanut.  I gave her, as usual, a very small (miniscule, even) portion of the baked chicken.  Every. Single. Time. we've done this before, she's cried, gagged, whined and generally been kind of an ass about it.  She'll eat her own weight in chicken nuggets, but don't give her regular old chicken.  This time, she ate it with NO prompting.  And wait for it ..... she asked for more.  THREE MORE SLICES.  She ASKED for 3 slices of chicken breast.  Folks, you have no freaking idea what a big deal this was.  Yay!!

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