Saturday, September 8, 2012

Whole30 - Day 7

Friday, September 7

One week down, 3 to go!!  Yay me!!!

Peanut had a break today, but Pumpkin had practice.  The whole family went this time, since the ball field where she practiced has a nice playground too.  I am truly terrified now that we received her practice and game schedule.  It's a little intimidating.  Oh well, we'll make it happen, I guess.

4:55AM:  (fasting) 134
7:45AM:  Breakfast - eggs, coffee with coconut milk
9:53AM:  82
10:00AM:  snack - blueberries with coconut milk
11:45AM:  Lunch - chicken salad (diced baked chicken, diced egg, mustard & homemade mayo), turnip greens
1:50PM:  92
2:00PM:  snack - pistachios
4:00PM:  snack - coconut milk
8:00PM: Dinner - salad with iceberg lettuce, shredded beef, diced avocado & tomatoes, salsa and homemade mayo
10:00PM:  120

Yummy food.  Fasting bG back up, but post-prandials looking good.  I still want my stevia tea and coffee properly lightened and sweetened, but I'm getting some breathing room with the cravings.

Side note update:  Butter Bean's rash on his face is clearing up nicely.  I'm conflicted about this discovery.  I LOVE buying our milk locally, and the girls are still fine with it, but it does upset me a little that it doesn't look like BB will be able to enjoy it anymore.  On the other hand ... almond milk is one hell of a lot cheaper than raw milk.  LOL

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