Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Whole30 - Day 24

Monday, September 24th

I missed a few days of blogging. :/ Oh, well, I'll catch you up! Turns out I wasn't over the cold; it hung on for over a week, and guess what?! ANY kind of illness can jack up your blood sugar. Didn't know that. So all my pretty fasting 80's and 90's jumped up to 130's again. So depressing, when my diet has been stellar. I HATE DIABETES. And the numbers didn't go all the way back down once I was over the cold.

Oh well.  I'll keep looking for things to tweak.  I still hope to be able to get off the damn Met by the end of the year.  We'll see!
4:25AM:  (fasting) - 113
6:30AM:  (car snack ... shhhh) pistashios in-the-shell
8:30AM:  (breakfast) chopped spinach, fried eggs, guacamole, small cup of coffee w/ cinnamon stick
10:30AM:  104
1:30PM:  (lunch) turkey burgers (2) on a salad of romaine, shredded carrots and cherry tomatoes with homemade ranch
3:30PM:  107
4:30PM:  (snack) pistachios in-the-shell
7:30PM:  (dinner) small serving of chili, green salad with homemade ranch
9:30PM:  122

The girls both have games tomorrow, so I spent a few minutes this weekend figuring out meals.  Hubby cooked dinner tonight and I spent the hours after dinner on clean-up and meal prep for tomorrow:  Butternut Squash Lasagna!!  Time consuming, but ohhhh so delicious!

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