Thursday, September 6, 2012

Whole30 - Day 5

Wednesday, September 5th

Well that was an interesting day.  I mentioned yesterday that I'd restarted my diabetes meds last week because 80/20 paleo wasn't keeping my bG (blood glucose) where it needed to be.  Ha.  Haha!  My numbers since Monday had been quite low, but today was NOT cool.  My 2-hour post-prandial reading was 58.  I took the reading in my office, and tried to walk to the breakroom where my food was.  About half-way down the hall (maybe 15' from my office) I started fading out and the plant manager caught me before I hit the floor.  He helped me get to the breakroom, where I ate a huge slice of watermelon and felt better in a couple of minutes.  An hour later, my reading was 84.  I ate some more watermelon and my lunch.  That 2-hour pp was 112 -- so, better.  Two hours later it was back down to 82, so I had another fruit snack.  I eventually made it home without actually falling out, so that was good.  Here's a quick rundown of the food:

Breakfast - a bowl of scrambled eggs at work, plus 2 small cups of coffee with coconut milk

Lunch - leftover baked chicken with veggies (I forgot the mayo, dammit)

Dinner - porkchops fried in coconut oil, microwaved sweet potato, Whole30-approved fauxtatoes (not my primally-delicious version with cream cheese and butter)

Snacks - blueberries with coconut milk, LOTS of watermelon, hard-cooked eggs

This afternoon was SO much better than yesterday's.  Hubby was feeling a little better and put away the clean dishes from last night and washed up the remaining dirty ones.  He'd also done all the chicken chores and, while I whipped up dinner, he counseled Peanut on how to make friends, fed the pets, and held an impromptu session of Heathen School on the stair landing.  I absolutely love listening to my husband tell stories to our kids.  We are very lucky to have him (and I'm glad he's feeling a little better xoxoxo).

I had a small convert-the-kids-to-paleo success last night, too.  Peanut, our resident carb addict, has been an especially hard sell.  She hates trying new things, only likes meat if it's ground, and a lot of nights would rather just not eat than eat the crap I serve.  It's been frustrating.  Well, last night, as usual, the girls asked what was for dinner.  "Porkchops, mashed potatoes (Peanut likes 'em, Pumpkin doesn't), sweet potatoes (Pumpkin likes 'em, Peanut sometimes does), fauxtatoes (Pumpkin likes 'em, Peanut doesn't), green beans, turnip greens."

Pumpkin:  I don't like porkchops.
Me:  You say that every single time I make them, yet you eat a whole one every time.
Pumpkin:   Oh.  Yeah.
Peanut:  You're gonna make me eat porkchops, aren't you?
Me:  You have to eat a little bit.  I'm not gonna make you eat a whole one.

So imagine my surprise when Peanut not only eats the very small portion I gave her, but ASKS FOR MORE.  In total, she probably ate an ounce.  Not much at all, but a VAST improvement over even a month ago.  She would throw a fit over a piece the size of a pinky-nail, and I'm not exaggerating one bit.

So, dinner done, no tears from ANYBODY, and another successful Whole30 day in the can.  Sweet!

Given the day I had bG-wise, I elected to skip my evening dose of meds.  My 2-hour pp was 107.  I was a little worried that it might crash overnight (even though I've NEVER, EVER had that happen), so I had a bedtime snack of blueberries & coconut milk.  Mmmm, I love the Whole30!

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