Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Whole30 - Day 4

I've got to plan better, that's for sure.  Hubby went straight from the stomach bug last Friday/Saturday to a cold/flu thing Sunday-now, so I've been handling stuff on my own as best as I can.  I don't know how people raise kids without a 2nd adult to help with stuff; that shit is HARD.

So, the day started, as usual, at 4:30AM.  Got hubby's lunch packed and him off to work, then smoothies for the girls and all 3 kids plus myself dressed, ready and out the door by 6AM.  I set out a 5 lb. bag of frozen chicken breasts to thaw.

Breakfast for me was eggs at work, plus coffee with coconut milk.

Lunch was leftover lasagna, and my snack was defrosted blueberries with coconut milk.  Holy CRAP that's good stuff!  I need to bring a bag of frozen berries for the work freezer, plus a few cans of coconut milk to stash in my office.

Peanut had cheer practice this afternoon (40 minute drive from the house).  So, after a stop for meds for hubby I got home at 4:40PM or so.  It started to rain, again.  I got the chicken breasts seasoned and in the oven, the dogs let out, and did the chicken chores.  Left to pick up the kids a few minutes after 5PM.

We came home, the girls changed clothes and we grabbed snacks, and were back out the door by 5:20PM.  It was still raining, so the whole time I'm checking my phone for the "practice is canceled" text that never came.

We got to the park right at 6PM and I spent the next hour chasing Butter Bean, who seems to only want to play with broken glass (WHY is there broken glass all over the place at a kid's ballpark?), trash from fast food leftovers, and ant hills.  It started raining again just in time for us to go home.  Pumpkin was quite put out with me for not stopping for fast food.  I kind of wish I had.  :/

We got home at 7:40PM and I spent the next 20 minutes getting everybody something to eat, reviewing homework, feeling like crap and having a mommy meltdown, complete with tears.  Awesome.  Thank the GODS that hubby was well enough to manage The Feeding and Care of Butter Bean because I was in no condition, let me tell ya.

It was 8:45PM before the kids were all bathed, read-to and in bed.  Their normal bedtime is between 7:30-8PM.  Fast food isn't looking so bad.  :(

I got dinner at 9PM:  baked chicken with microwaved frozen veggies (and a little homemade mayo because the chicken was DRY).

There was a funny quote from the Whole9 Blog post "You Know You're Doing the Whole30 When...":

"…they ran the dishwasher three times on Sunday and still washed several mountains of pots and pans."

This is me, except our dishwasher is broken.  So those 3 loads are handwashed, PLUS the mountains of pots and pans.  I finished washing dishes at 10PM.  Actually, I didn't finish - there were still things left.  That's when I threw in the towel for the night.

This day was a Whole30 success, but a wife & mommy fail.  Everybody got to bed way too late and I was WAY too stressed.  I have GOT to figure out better snacks and quick meals, both Whole30 and regular paleo.

Some side notes:

I had to go back on my bG meds last week because my 80/20 paleo diet wasn't doing the job.  Three days in on the Whole30 and I may need to cut back the dosage because my bG numbers have been low.  Like, LOW.  Actually my fasting # is finally normal (90) but my post-prandial numbers have been in the 70's and 80's.  I've really had to stay on top of things and I'm eating more fruit as snacks than I normally would just to keep from falling out.  The only real change I've made has been eliminating dairy and stevia.  I would never have guessed that those things would make such a huge difference in my bG control.

WTF is up with the GAS?!  I'm not eating any new foods at all, just eliminating stuff, but starting Day 3 I have developed some funky flatulence.  Not cool, people.  Not cool.

About a month ago, Butter Bean developed a rash on his face.  It started just around his mouth and we thought it was either related to teething (he got 8 teeth in about 10 days) or his pacifier (which he is NEVER without).  Now, though, it's spreading all over his face and I'm thinking it might be a food thing.  He's been a paleo baby, but I've gotten lax lately and have been giving him gluten-free crackers on occasion.  Effective today I'm basically putting him on the Whole30 with me to see if it clears up.

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