Monday, September 3, 2012

Whole30 - Day 2

Day 2 went well, I suppose. I drank a small cup of black coffee to ward off a caffeine headache. I can foresee myself completely weaned off caffeine by the end of my 30 days.  Breakfast was eggs and veggies. I have a huge pack of bacon in the fridge, but bought it without thinking:  it has sugar and nitrates, so no-go.  I basically had no appetite all day and ate eggs for every meal. I was busy canning all day and had a stash of hard-cooked eggs that needed to be used up. I ate some fruits and veggies, and a few spoons of coconut butter (homemade! Super easy!) too.

I was so busy canning I forgot to make dinner. I had leftovers and hubby got pizza for everybody else. It smelled fantastic, but I stayed strong. LOL

Yesterday I told hubby that the one part of the Whole30 I wouldn't be able to stick to was not weighing myself every day. That's just a part of my morning routine I wasn't willing to give up.  Well, this morning broke me of that; I gained a pound and it really ticked me off. So, no more weighing until I'm done.

Another busy day ahead...will do my Whole30 recap either tonight or in the morning.

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