Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Whole30 - Day 11

Tuesday, September 11

I hab a code.  :(  Or something.  I wish it were allergies, but I'm pretty sure I caught it from my darling husband.  Oh well ... it's not as bad as the stomach virus we all had, so I'll not complain.  Too much.

Today I saw the functional medicine doctor for my follow-up to review blood work.  No surprises there.  The only things out of lab range were my A1C, fasting bG and vitamin D3 levels.

My A1C was terrible:  7.1!  It hasn't been that bad since I was diagnosed.  I did quit taking my meds over the summer to see if I could manage things with just diet -- and I did, for a while.  Then there was a birthday that just wrecked me for a week (and it wasn't even MINE!).  I knew it would be bad, and it was.  My fasting was pretty horrible too:  145.  I discussed with the doctor what I was doing to correct the situation and she seemed supportive, although she did say she was going to recommend the hcg diet?  Hgc?  Some thing where you take some kind of drops, I guess?  I'll stick to what's working for me now, thanks.  Did I mention I've lost about 14 lb. in the last 2 weeks?  :)

Even though nothing else was technically out of range, there were things that were juuuust on the edge of normal:  testosterone, DHEA, cortisol.  She recommended a boatload of supplements; I'm kind of on the fence about some of them.  The DHEA, specifically, says that it is NOT recommended for diabetics.  This shit was expensive, and I opened it BEFORE I saw that.  Kinda pissed about that, but I'm not taking it until I talk to her again.

OK, enough about that.

Kid stuff!  I got Peanut's schedule and holy shite.  I have no idea how we're going to pull off getting both girls to their games while still holding down full-time jobs, making sure they get to school and actually complete their work, all while still getting at least some sleep.  It is ridiculous and I have no idea how other parents pull this crap off.


4:40AM:  89
7:35AM:  Breakfast - homemade sausage patties, fried eggs, strawberries, black coffee
9:35AM:  69
10:00AM:  Morning snack - fried eggs
12:20PM:  Lunch - salad with steamed broccoli, tomatoes, pickles, onions, baked chicken, mustard and homemade mayo
2:20PM:  98
8:00PM:  Dinner - spaghetti squash with meat sauce, kale sauteed with baon
10:00PM:  96
                 Bedtime snack (I wasn't hungry, but had to eat something to get my meds down) - 1 large strawberry

Life in general may be out of control, but I am kicking some ass with the Whole30.

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