Thursday, September 13, 2012

Whole30 - Day 12

Wednesday, September 12th

I think I've seen the worst of the cold, and it wasn't that bad!  Woohoo!  It was a spectacularly beautiful day today ... that perfect late-summer sunshine with a breeze and brilliant blue sky, when it's not cool, but you can almost smell autumn coming.  I love fall so much.  As soon as the light and shadows start to change, around the first week of August, it's like I can already feel it in my blood.  This time of year always brings back memories of time spent in the Catskills with my friend, C., driving through the mountains with Type O Negative or Concrete Blonde or Ministry blasting and the leaves blowing across the road as we smoked and soaked it all in.  Whew.  Back to reality!

The girls both get their uniforms today and the game madness starts Saturday:  it's been years since I've been to a football game at all, let alone 4 in one day.  Well, technically I'll only be at 2 of them; hubby or SOMEBODY (pleasedon'thavetoworkpleasedon'thavetoworkpleasedon'thavetowork) will be at the other 2 with the other daughter.  The next 6 weeks are just flat-out insanity.  It's going to require several steps up in Sunday food prep, but I'm committed.  I may NEED to be committed when it's over.  LOL

4:40AM:  fasting - 118
7:20AM:  Breakfast - eggs, 1/2 cup coffee
9:20AM:  102
12:00PM:  Lunch - BAS with lettuce, tomato, broccoli, pickles, onions, and turkey burger dressed with mustard and h/m mayo
2:00PM:  83
4:00PM:  Afternoon snack - 1/2 cup coffee, coconut flakes
8:00PM:  Dinner - steak, sweet potato, slaw
10:00PM:  110


I went for a walk today after lunch with 2 co-workers!  I haven't done that in months and months.  It felt really good, and I have a walking date for tomorrow too.

I ate entirely too much sweet potato at dinner, and not enough protein at breakfast and lunch.  I'm also missing my greens at breakfast, so I'll bring some spinach to work tomorrow.

bG just seemed to be running slightly higher today; I'm going to go back and review all my meals for the last week or so and see what I need to tweak.  Even though they weren't AS low as they have been, they're still a VAST improvement.  My a1c from the end of August was 7.1, which roughly equates to an average bG of 157.  Per my handy little meter, my average over the last 7 days is 104, which converts to an a1c of 5.2.  That's normal, folks.  As in, NORMAL normal.  And that is why I'm doing this.  :)

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