Monday, August 22, 2011

So there!

I made up for my utter lack of productivity on Saturday with a burst of frantic activity on Sunday:

  • Did the first racking of the first batch of peach brandy.

  • Baked 2 dozen muffins.

  • Baked 4 loaves of bread.

  • Did 3 loads of laundry and hung 2 of those out to dry. [Unfortunately, they got rained on. :(]

  • Took the girls to a movie for Peanut's birthday.

  • Had everybody over for dinner (hot dogs, homemade mac & cheese, and raw carrots with dressing, per Peanut's request - and cake & ice cream, of course).

  • Cleaned up the MOUNTAIN of dishes.

  • Baked 24 cupcakes, from scratch, and frosted them with homemade frosting!

I got to bed at 11:30PM, overslept, and I am EXHAUSTED. Being cheap is a lot of work. :P

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