Saturday, August 20, 2011

Not a damn thing.

That's what I got done today. :( Butter Bean has been rather high-maintenance the last couple of days, and spent hours in-arms today. Therefore, there's still only one garden bed weeded, with nothing planted in it yet. Nor is anything else canned, frozen, baked, etc. I actually JUST realized, at 9:36PM, that I never had any coffee today. Need to fix that or I'll be battling a crushing headache within a few hours.

Peanut turns 7 tomorrow and is SO excited. I hope she doesn't get too disappointed by reality. We couldn't afford to do the big party at Flying Frogs like we did for Pumpkin, but we ARE going to take both girls to the movies. This will only be their 2nd trip to the movie theater, so that's exciting for them.

Bleh. Tomorrow's a busy day, and I have miles to go before I sleep. Gotta get that coffee brewing!

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