Monday, May 25, 2009

That was a GOOD day!

We got up early and H USED THE POTTY! Of course, she also peed on the floor trying to GET to the potty, but that's beside the point. ;) We ate breakfast (I made fresh sausage with herbs from the garden), and miracle of miracles ... IT STOPPED RAINING!!! Well, it still sprinkled off-and-on through the morning, but I got tired of telling the girls no, so they jumped into their bathing suits and hit the pool. Oh, wait. They were ALREADY in the pool, in their pajamas. I just legitimized it with the suits. LOL While they were playing in the pool, I planted the tomato plants in the herb garden and did some weeding in the veggie patch.

We came in and I took a shower while DH and the girls watched cartoons. Then we all headed to the store (lunch first). It went so much faster with hubby along to help kid-wrangle.

Back home, H went down for a nap. F and I were supposed to nap, too, but that didn't last long. We got up and F practiced casting her rod & reel (she informed me after we bought it that she didn't like fish and never wanted to actually FISH with the rod & reel, but she sure does love practicing with it), then we flew the kite for a bit while dad made more boffer swords.

I took a little mommy break and F woke H up from her 2 hour nap. I decided to make a pasta salad for dinner ... and thus commenced Boffer Sword Showdown, Spring 2009. B and the girls chased each other around the yard bonking each other with boffer swords for a good half-hour. When the girls started pretending the swords were pogo sticks, dad was done, but a couple minutes after he sat down I heard F yell, "H ... wanna fight?!?" Dad was so proud! LOL

My pasta salad was ROCKIN' (more fresh herbs :D) and F nearly fell asleep at the table. A quick bath and the girls and I were down for the night. Hubby and dad were supposed to go hunting wild hogs last night; I heard him come in, I think around 4AM, so I'll talk to him about it when he gets up.

There's something deeply satisfying about a day where you can get outside and work and play. We all slept so good! :)

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