Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I feel like CRAP!

It's almost midnight, and I'm sick. *pout* A quick update, another dose of homeopathic meds, and I'm done for the night, I think.

1. Plant: Nope ... too windy/rainy. Again.
2. Harvest: Nope
3. Preserve: Nope
4. Reduce waste: Ate leftovers for lunch that I REALLY didn't want to eat. :P
5. Preparation/storage: Replaced sugar used in canning last weekend; bought some coffee for the pantry; hubby bought some lumber to start the chicken coop
6. Community Food System: Contributed more of H's pee dipes to the anti-deer campaign. I am shocked that it's actually working!!
7. Eat the food: Stir fry from farm-stand veggies; rice from storage.

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