Friday, May 15, 2009

It's Raining, It's Pouring ...

I wish that I was snoring. :P It started raining on the way home yesterday, and sprinkled/rained all evening. It's still raining this morning. My rockin' hubby got out in the rain and worked on filling the 2nd new herb bed with topsoil. 'Cause he's awesome. :) Did I mention that my Mothers Day/Anniversary present was not one, but TWO raised beds for my herb garden? Yay, me!

Today is Water Day at F's pre-K -- mighty appropriate, if you ask me. Which they didn't. I had to go buy her a one-piece bathing suit and water shoes for the event. Why in the WORLD are bathing suits for preschoolers made like they're meant for swimsuit models? I could not find a single non-character bathing suit in her size (6) that didn't have the entire back and sides cut out. I mean, her BIKINI is more tasteful than that crap! So, I ended up buying her a size too big in order to get one that was modestly cut, and had to shorten the straps last night. I hope they hold. :/ Not that it's going to matter ... as I type this, it is POURING down rain. I'm pretty sure the whole thing is going to get canceled. Which means I'll have wasted $15 buying crap we didn't need.

I think I need some sunshine.

Here's my IDC update for yesterday:
1. Plant something: Didn't get anything planted, but as I mentioned, hubby got a lot of work done on the herb bed. He also did a lot of weeding in the veggie gardens and transplanted some corn from one bed to another (we're trying to consolidate the few corn plants that actually came up).
2. Harvest something: nothing today
3. Preserve something: nope
4. Reduce waste: more in the recycle bin. And I'm kind of weirded-out about this, but mom asked me to start saving H's pee diapers. She's going to use them to try to deter the deer in the "communal" garden, since the deer repellant doo-hickeys don't seem to be having ANY effect. Technically, the dipes will end up in the trash eventually, so this is just a temporary detour. PLEASE, potty-train soon, H. PLEASE!?!?
5. Preparation/storage: nothing
6. Build community food systems: DH helped mom, dad, my brother (A), and the neighbors install 2 power poles at the communal garden. This is the 1.5 acre plot that belongs to my parents, but that our little community isworking on together. We're hoping that it'll provide food for ALL of us (11 adults & 4 kids). The power poles are to provide power to the shallow well that mom & dad had dug for irrigation as needed.
7. Eat the food: I browned a few pounds of ground beef on Monday and used the last of it in last night's dinner of chili. The beans were from storage (I remembered to soak/cook them! yay!!).

Okay, time to get to work. Eww.

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