Saturday, May 16, 2009

Busy, busy

We're going strawberry picking today -- I hope! The last time we went to the you-pick farm, the fields were picked clean. Mom's going to call them to see if it's worth going out there this morning.

I've also got a boat-load of laundry to do (nothing new there); pumpkin, tomato and marigold plants to transplant; and herb seeds to put out.

If we do get berries today, we'll probably do the canning tomorrow: jam, syrup, etc.

Here's my IDC update for Friday:
1. Plant something: n/a
2. Harvest something: A few of my onion plants bolted, so I harvested those, plus 1 lone radish. I meant to grab some cilantro for our Mexi-feast last night, but forgot in the bustle.
3. Preserve something: n/a
4. Reduce waste: normal recycling
5. Preparation/storage: n/a
6. Community food system: Offered to share some of my dried garbanzos from storage with a friend, since we have a LOT more than we would normally eat in years. Found out that the power company wanted $2200 to connect power to the shallow well pump for the communal garden. Eek!! I'm putting in a plug for a solar panel.
7. Eat the food: I made banana muffins from frozen bananas, my pantry quick bread mix, and chocolate chips from storage. Lunch was peanut butter from storage.

Gotta scoot. I need to wash some clothes before the potential strawberry picking! :D

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