Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Rain Again

It's raining again. Good for the garden -- at least, for the plants already IN the ground. However, it's making it a little difficult for me to put MORE plants in the ground. :( So, the pumpkin and tomato plants are languishing on the porch, and the rosemary and blueberry bushes are patiently awaiting their new homes too. It's far past the last recommended date to transplant any of it, but I'm going to anyway. Blind optimism, I know.

Here's a quick IDC update:
1. Plant - nothing
2. Harvest - nothing
3. Preserve - sigh ... nothing
4. Reduce Waste - salvaged a HUMUNOUS cardboard box from work, hopefully for a solar oven;
5. Preparation/Storage - found some rockin' plans for a solar dehydrator; printed a fall garden plan from; discussed what needs to be done in the garden ASAP, and what things we can plant now for the fall
6. Community Food Systems - discussed ways to keep the deer out of the communal garden plot; gave a copy of the fall garden plan to my mom
7. Eat the food - baked apple spice muffins from homemade muffin mix I keep in the pantry, applesauce from the freezer, and cinnamon chips from the pantry; made shepherd's pie for dinner: ground beef & mixed veggies from the freezer, flour and potatoes from the pantry, and butter and cheese bought in bulk

Okay ... it's 7:30PM and I need to get the girls in the bath. I'll TRY to get up in the morning to write something ...

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