Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Getting a move on...

After talking about it for 2 solid years, I took the plunge and went back to yoga!  A sweet little studio opened up about a mile down the road over a year ago and I decided it was way, way past time.  So, I went to my first class in nearly 10 years on January 19th.  It was fantastic!  I felt so energized for the rest of the day!  And then I woke up Sunday and couldn't move.  LOL  Monday wasn't much better, but by Tuesday...all good.

Tuesday, my dear hubby did his (truncated) fit test with our crossfit-trainer friend.  He went back Thursday, and I met them Friday for MY (truncated) fit test.

Ho. Lee. Shite.

I have never put so much effort into such a short timeframe in my life.  That includes the pushing phase of birthing any of my enormous children.  I ran, then did squats, push-ups, sit-ups and pull-ups (modified versions of all, 'cause I'm so freaking out of shape).  The whole thing was over in less than 10 minutes and I thought for the next hour that I might actually die.  Then for the NEXT hour, I was pretty sure I was going to throw up.  THEN. Then.  Then I couldn't wait to go back, 'cause that shit was AWESOME.

I made sure to take my potassium and magnesium supplements before bed and actually woke up Saturday feeling pretty darn good.  And then I went back to yoga.  She kicked it up a notch, because there was another yoga instructor in the class.  Eek.  Legs, meet muscle failure.  Again.

So that was 3 days ago.  Sunday was a BITCH.  Monday was better, and today I'm feeling pretty darn good.  Back to Crossfit tomorrow, where I shall surely curse everything and rue the day I ever met Greg and Erica.  LOL

It feels really, really good to push my body again.  I want to be strong.

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