Tuesday, September 29, 2009

September 29th IDC Update

Plant: Yep, another week gone and no planting. Mom gave me some tomato and bell pepper seedlings that I’ll try to get in the ground today or tomorrow, but it’s supposed to be in the 50’s tomorrow night and I don’t know if they’ll survive much of that.

Harvest: tomatoes, peppers, basil, tarragon, okra, eggs

Preserve: chicken stock (freezer)

Waste Not: made stock from chicken carcass; ate all but 1 of a bowl full of apples before they went bad (this is an issue for us) – the bad one went to the chickens

Want Not/Prep/Store: My birthday presents this year from hubby were a new (wooden) cutting board and 3 new knives, and a new S&W 38 Special. I *heart* my hubby so much. :) I also bought some hay and food supplements for the chickens.

Community Food System: Ordered cases of apples, oranges and tangelos to support the local FFA. They aren’t local, exactly … 1 state over, though, so better than overseas.

Eat the Food: *Blueberry crisp (local blueberries I picked and froze last year) and topping from homemade mix (thanks, kathyprepper!)

In other news, I'm so damn sick I can't believe I'm trying to function. I feel like I felt last year, just before I ended up in the hospital. B is going for his surgery consult tomorrow, so the medical bills should be rolling in soon. Man, I'm so glad we have health insurance! (this is sarcasm, btw -- we DO have insurance, but it is beyond shitty ... I'm not even sure anymore why we have it) Thank the gods and disir that the girls are healthy. As long as we can keep them from killing or seriously wounding each other, we'll be alright.

Some funny quips from the 2 y/o on Sunday:
* Upon hearing our list of errands, she began chanting, "Gun store, gun store, YAY GUNSTORE! I'm ready to go to the gun store." Repeat.
* Later that evening, she and I were in the kitchen together; I was fixing dinner and she was coloring, I think. Totally quiet. Then she belts out, in her best Reba McIntire twang, "COWGIRLS DON'T CRY." Repeat.

Our kids are so damn funny. :P

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